Appliance installations of any size with Air-Sled Technology.

Professional_Set.jpgWhether you need high-volume installations for a commercial building or one-off installs in difficult to access places, we can help.

We’ll also take care of the installation at a special rate when you purchase a new appliance from us.

Prevent Flooring Damage with Air-Sled Technology

The air-sled works a bit like a hovercraft and allows us to manoeuvre heavy appliances without damaging your floor.

We’re the only company in Auckland using the air-sled, so if you want the safest appliance installation in the Auckland area, talk to us today.


Awkward Installs, No Problem

If your appliances need to be lifted over a building or carefully manoeuvred, we can organise cranes and any other necessary tools complete the job. 

For you it’s as simple as talking to us.


How it works...

  1. First discuss your requirements with us and we'll work out the logistics. We have full-time office staff so there's always someone with the time to take your call.
  2. Next, our trained and professional technicians will complete your appliance installation with care.
  3. Finally we'll remove your old appliances for recycling to save you the hassle and cost.

To get started, talk to our full-time office staff about your requirements.




Need Installation? Talk to us!

If you're interested in installation, we'd love to hear from you. For an obligation free chat, simply give us a call on 0800 331 400 and we'll be in touch fast.

We service the Wellington area, and Auckland as far north as Warkworth.